A Post About Hands-On Education

As I’ve been preparing to do a year long internship, I’ve been thinking a lot about the effectiveness of hands-on learning.  I am currently traveling Europe with my sister.  Every city that has a walking tour available, we take it!  There is truly no better way to learn about the history, culture, and architecture of the city than by walking through it.

This is one reason that I am excited about my internship/master’s program.  I am furthering my education, but at the same time it is a hands-on experience.  Like walking through a new city, I will be able to interact with the future work environment on a daily basis.

You can follow my Europe Trip on YouTube by clicking this link and subscribing.

But so far we have done walking tours in many cities.  Below are two videos, one of our day and tour of Dublin, and one of London.

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