Renaissance Men – Mr. Rodgers



Fred McFeely Rodgers (aka. Mr. Rodgers)


  • Born: March 20, 1928
  • Died: February 27, 2003
  • Known For:  A legend in the television history whose legacy lives on.

Mr. Rodgers was a very hard working and inspirational human being.  Before he became a television personality, he went to seminary and became a minister.  Afters seeing television for the first time, he decided that he had to become involved to use television as a medium for good.

What makes Mr. Rodgers a Renaissance Man is not only his dedication to his craft and fans, but his desire for excellence in everything he did.  Every interaction with people was special for him.  He always hand wrote replies to all of his fan mail.  He wrote most of the songs for the show.  He stood in front of congress multiple times to defend public broadcasting funding and the right of families to record tv shows in their own homes.

A Renaissance Man is characterized by how they change society for generations, and Mr. Rodgers definitely fits the bill.  It seems that anything Mr. Rodgers put his mind to, he would accomplish.  He is remembered today as one of the most beloved and most genuine television stars of all time.  We would all do well to learn from the examples of Mr. Rodgers.

Remember how I passed my biology test with YouTube videos?  Well the Green Brothers have a new channel called MentalFloss and they have a video dedicated to Mr. Rodgers.  Check it out below:




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