A Cool Story on a “Sci-Friday” (or how YouTube helped me pass my Biology Test)

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I graduate in May and some how I have gone this entire time thinking that my IB High School Biology class was able to count for the science credits I need to graduate.  Well it turns out that it doesn’t.  I didn’t score high enough in High School, which isn’t really that surprising!

Slightly freaking out, I knew I had one option: CLEP-out.  The CLEP test is a type of proficiency exam through the College Board that shows you have adequate knowledge of the material to test out of the subject for full credit.

Well since it has been 4 years since I have taken a science class (and oh how I hated my high school science class), I knew that I didn’t have much time to prepare for the test.  In order to have the credit from CLEP count towards graduation, the test must be taken before April 1.  So a couple weeks ago I began studying.

Here’s the cool part…  I did the vast majority of my studying by taking notes while watching a YouTube channel.  That’s right, YouTube is just as clutch as always.  The YouTube Channel, Crash Course, was where I turned to refresh my memory of basic Biology.  In 40 videos, Hank Green (brother of John Green who does the history videos) walks through the basics of biology.

I watched the videos and took notes.  I then reviewed the notes and made some flash cards to study.

I went in this week to take the test.  The entire time I was taking it I kept thinking, “this is much harder than I expected” and “I am sure I am going to fail”.   At the end of the test I hit submit and got the results.  I passed.  Not even just barely, but handily!

This is just another example of the amazing age of readily available education materials on the internet.  Crash Course is entirely free.  Their material is very funny, entertaining, and (most importantly) educational.  It is not shallow, but instead I learned some things that weren’t even covered by the CLEP test.

I took several biology classes in High School, but I just didn’t get some of the material.  After this YouTube Channel I feel like I know more than I did taking the class for two years.  For that I say thank you to the Green Brothers for their commitment to providing high quality free educational material on YouTube!

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