A Little Bit of Inspiration – August Landmesser

August Landmesser is not a nazi

I greatly underestimated how much I didn’t want to do work over spring break.  I thought I’d be writing posts left and right, but instead I have been in OKC and avoiding working like the plague!  So I will finish my soccer series next week, but today I want to share a short story of a man that stands by what he believes.

The man is named August Landmesser.  The photo above is shows Landmesser as the only person in the crowd not saluting at a NAZI rally.  He joined the NAZI party in hopes of finding work, but didn’t believe in their radical beliefs.  He got engaged to a Jewish woman and was immediately removed from the party.

Landmesser was eventually captured by the Gestapo and then drafted into a Penal Battalion.  These battalion would be made up of extremely under-armed and under-trained civilians and criminals that are sent on very, very risky missions.  It was essentially a way of killing people with a slight chance that they could help the war effort.

I think we can learn a lot from Landmesser.  Sure, he did join the NAZI party early on, but he stuck by his own morals more than that of his political party.  He was willing to not “go with the group” and that mentality is forever captured in the photo above.

What do you think of August Landmesser and his famous photo?


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