Writing Tip of the Week: Being Taken Seriously

Ink well and Quill pens

We have been taking time each week to look at different writing tips we can learn from and use to improve our own writing.  Some previous posts have including things such as “Actually Writing” and “Three Reasons Why You Should Write a Blog“.

This week I want to talk about an article that was sent to me by my Dad!  You can read the full article on LinkedIn, but the part the stood out most to me most is when Dave Kerpen writes:

“Your writing is a reflection of your thinking… If you want to be thought of as a smart thinker, you must become a better writer.”

This is so true.

In my post about “To, Too, and Two“, I mentioned how making a mistake when writing, even one as simple as using “to” when you should have used “too”, undermines your credibility as a writer.  This is exactly what Kerpen is getting at in this article.  If we want to be taken seriously either as a writer, or in a professional environment, or even just in general, then we need to improve our writing.  Like Kerpen says, our writing is a reflection of our thinking.

I encourage you to read the rest of his article (link above).  He offers 5 ways that he has become a better writer.

What do you think of Kerpen’s article?

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