Sci-Friday: How Fuel Cells Work – Tyler Dewitt

Image Atom Science-

Last week we looked at a TEDTalk where Tyler Dewitt discussed his experience as a science teacher and some of the changes that we (as a society) should adapt when teaching science.  Today I want to share one of his personal videos with you.

Dewitt doesn’t just discuss better ways of teaching, but instead he puts his money where his mouth is and constantly finds newer ways of teaching scientific concepts in ways that everyone can understand.  In this video he explores the idea of Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

This is something that is very popular in the increasingly environmentally conscious world.  But very few people understand how it works, and I didn’t until I watched this video.  When you finally understand something like how fuel cells work, you see why this technology is so exciting and how it could be used to make a lasting impact on the future.

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