Sci-Friday: How We Should Be Teaching Science

Image Atom Science

TEDtalks are brilliant examples of people coming from all over to learn and grow together.  In the TEDxTalk, below, Tyler DeWitt talks about science and why many of us disliked it in school.

Now I have always liked science, but all of the classes I had in High School tried so hard to make me hate it!  The teacher seemed to be baffled that other people (half her age) didn’t understand these concepts the way she did.

I think Tyler makes a great point.  We don’t have to be worried about being perfectly accurate with the most big words possible at the expense of getting students excited about science.  It’d be far better for them to be increasingly interested with slight gaps in knowledge, than to have no interest and no knowledge.  The Universities and post grad study work can more than make up for this gap in knowledge, but many students choose not to pursue scientific degrees because of their disdain for science.

Hopefully the trend in the US changes and more people learn to love science the way that Tyler Dewitt obviously does.

Happy Sci-Friday!

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