Writing Tip of the Week: Three Reasons Why You Should Write a Blog

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We have discussed several writing tips so far as a part of the “Writing Tip of the Week” series.  These are especially important for the aspiring Renaissance Man because writing stretches your creative and productive nature.  Which leads me to today’s post, why you should write a Blog.

I am not an expert at blogging.  After nearly a year and a couple of blogs, I still consider myself an amateur at best.  But what I can do is speak from my own experience and how starting a blog has made me a better writer.

Here are three reasons to start a blog:

1) Better Commitments – Blogging has become a big commitment of mine every week.  I have to plan out my week well in advanced (I schedule everything out in a binder) in order to fit in the time to write new posts.  My weeks have more structure and it is nice have something weekly that I know what it looks like before hand.  Blogging even makes me wake up earlier on days that I know I will be too busy mid-morning to write.

2) Writing Practice – Blogging is (much needed) weekly practice in writing.  I usually shoot for 300-500 words per post and usually write from 7-10 posts a week across all of my blogs.  Like mentioned above, this becomes a big commitment.  But something funny happened a couple of months into my first blog… it got easier.  I began writing more efficiently and quickly.  Posts that used to take me an hour and a half to write, now take half as long.  The writing also improved significantly.  You won’t know how you like to write, until you write a lot.  You discover what works and what does not.  It starts to feel very natural.

Not only does the quality my blogging improve and the speed in which I write improve, but I have unintentionally become a better writer in other areas.  Take school for example.  Papers are no longer a daunting task that I wait till the last minute to do (usually), but I can just quickly write something up when I first have an opportunity.  I can also be confident in the quality of this paper.  It’s great!

3) Building Creativity – I have always felt like I was creative guy, but writing several posts a week is on a whole other level.  I spend so much of my free time just trying to find new and interesting things that I can spin off a post from.  It is tough, but I am loving the challenge.  Hopefully I will have some new exciting things just around the corner!

Have other bloggers out their experienced some of these benefits?

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