Sci-Friday – For Science! (and the power of naps!)

Image Atom Science

Perhaps the area where my formal education is most lacking, the study of science has always been something that has intrigued me.  Back when the Discovery channel actually showed science based shows, there was hardly a day where I didn’t indulge in its educational programming; alas, those days are far behind us.

Now I must informally learn science from other venues.  Thankfully websites like wikipedia help in this department by providing material for me to read and explore on a daily basis.  But reading about science can become tedious and, at times, down right boring.  Thankfully we live in the age of YouTube.

YouTube has quickly become a place where I go to learn just about everything, including science.  It is really incredible the vast amounts of information that are available through high quality resources on YouTube.  One of my favorite YouTube channels, called AsapSCIENCE,  has been around for about 6 months.  They release weekly videos to keep your scientific mind working.

Below is one of their videos that I feel is especially relevant to the aspiring Renaissance Man, both because of Leonardo da Vinci’s crazy sleep patterns and because naps are awesome.  They talk about the importance of using naps as a way to increase alertness and productivity.  So check it out and then take a nap… for science!

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