Renaissance Man Skills and David Blaine’s Ted Talk


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One thing that all Renaissance Men seem to have is a plethora of skills.  A polymath knows that skill is what separates the wheat from chaff.  Whether it is being able to build a table from scratch or play a musical instrument, skill in many areas is important to the Renaissance Man lifestyle.

Leonardo da Vinci was perhaps more skilled than anyone of his time.  Much of this was indeed a natural ability (such as his intelligence and his artistic abilities), but the reality is that there are skills that he developed and worked on for his entire life.  He was naturally good at everything, but he worked hard to improve in the areas he wasn’t naturally gifted in. (i.e. no one automatically knows architecture.  It takes time to learn and hone in those skills.)

Every week we will be looking at a new skill or sub-skill that could be important for all of us to know and develop.  But today I want to share with you this video, below.  It is about how David Blaine was able to hold his breath for 17 minutes.  It is a reminder that it isn’t just the skill, but the desire that makes you better.

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