Writing Tip of the Week: Actually Write

Ink well and Quill pens

Writing has always been a huge part of Renaissance Man culture.  It’s not always published or elegant, but it seems to be ever present.  And while the title of this post says “Tip of the Week”, it is not a tip from me to you…  I am not skilled enough to give anyone tips!  But this is a tip that I have found useful and has changed the way I approach writing.

I have always liked writing, but never really wrote anything besides school work for pretty much my entire life.  I have friends that I will sit around with and talk about screenplay ideas, but we never actually write anything down.  We never go beyond ideas.

Almost two years ago I read a blog post that has really stuck with me.  It is by a great author/blogger named Jon Acuff.  His post was about the very issue I have always experienced.  Although I like writing and would like to write things, for some reason I never actually wrote.  In his post he states that “90% perfect and published always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.” (to read the full post click here)  And I think that this is exactly the issue I have always ran into.

In most things I am not a perfectionist.  Not even close.  But for some reason whenever I am sitting and chatting with friends about screenplay ideas, we always find issues and plot holes.  We always think of another film that is vaguely similar.  We always find some excuse as to why this particular idea isn’t perfect.  And the screenplay is never written.

This is perhaps the biggest reason I began my first blog about a year ago.  Not because I had anything in particular to write about, but because I need to practice writing.  I have to gather my thoughts and put them on paper/computer, even if they are only 90% (or less!).  It is a great exercise and I can already tell that my writing ability has improved.

So if you like writing but run into the same issue as me, try something new and actually write.  It doesn’t have to be important or ground breaking, but it has to be something!  The only way to get better is practice and the only way to practice is to write.  90% perfect and published is always better than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.

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