5 Hour Energy … If Only It Was That Easy!

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5 Hour Energy came out with a commercial recently where the guy plays golf, learns guitar, reads a book, records a music album, etc.  He’s a 5 hour Renaissance Man!  Check it out:

Now if only it was that easy!  A single shot of 5 Hour Energy and just like that you can accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed about.  Now I understand that it is an advertisement, but I thought there were a couple of that we could directly apply to becoming a Renaissance Man.

The first one is about time management.  5 hours is unfortunately not long enough to do that many things.  I know I would need much more time to accomplish much less.  So prioritizing what you want to accomplish is key… even if you have had a 5 Hour Energy!

The second thing is about desire.  Caffeine can’t replace your desire to become a Renaissance Man.  It doesn’t matter how much caffeine you’ve had, you’ll never accomplish becoming a Renaissance Man without desire.

Lame observations on a 30 second ad?  Maybe.  Accurate?  You bet!

Now, on a side note about the wonderful thing that is caffeine!  It may not make you a Renaissance Man, but it may help you accomplish some things.  Check out this video about caffeine:


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