Renaissance Man Examples (Announcement!)



New Series Starting Tomorrow:

This week we are starting a series that will happen several times throughout the year called, “Renaissance Man Examples”.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  We will be looking at people throughout history and in modern times that embody the Renaissance Man and doing a profile of the person and what makes them a Renaissance Man.

It is important for us to look at these other Renaissance Men and learn from the ways they lived life.  They all had special quirks and ways of doing things that made them each uniquely Renaissance Men.

We may never individually aspire to the legend and fame of these men, but there is no reason we can’t try!  We must be able to stand on the shoulders of the great ones that came before us.  This is how we will grow, learn, and become Renaissance Men.

Tomorrow we will start with the original Renaissance Man: Leonardo da Vinci.

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