How To Keep New Years Resolutions – Make Small Changes

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Yesterday we talked about Making Big Changes and how that leads to keeping your new years resolutions.  Today we are talking about how making small changes can also make a huge difference and set you on the path for success.

While it was important for us to Start With Why and lay out our big plans, as we did yesterday, it is just as important to begin making small changes.  Today millions of people are already beginning to break their New Years Resolutions and I believe that this is because of two things:

1) They never established WHY they wanted to keep their resolutions.  They didn’t see the big picture.


2) They didn’t start making small changes to try and keep their resolutions.

The small changes lead to the big changes.  It is practical steps that you can see, slowly beginning to change your life.  Without small changes, it is nearly impossible to keep your resolutions.  Here are some small changes to try:

1. Wake Up Early – Set your alarm and put it on the other end of the room.  Whether your goal is to be more productive with your day, have time to read or write, exercise, or any number of other possible resolutions, waking up early could easily be the difference between accomplishing your goal and failing.

2. Make To Do Lists – I’v always been a huge fan of To-Do lists, mainly because I am too scattered to remember everything I need to do in a single day.  No matter what your resolution is, a prioritized to do list will help keep it on your mind.

3. Eat Out Less – I know that when I eat out, I don’t eat healthy.  I also know I spend way too much money eating out.  If your goals involve saving money, losing weight, or being healthier, then eating out less is something very important to accomplishing your goal.

These are just a few examples, but the important thing is that you make small changes.  Big changes are easy for others to see… people know if you make a change and when you fail to keep the change.  Small changes are harder.  These are changes that no one will really notice, but are essential for keeping your resolutions.

These changes are for you.  They aren’t sexy and you won’t get a lot of recognition and support from friends for waking up early, but your desire to change has to come from within.  These changes are for you… to make you better.

WHAT ARE SOME SMALL CHANGES YOU NEED TO MAKE?  Let’s come up with some more in the comments below!

Renaissance Man thought of the day:

“The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Change is hard, but when we are talking about major life style changes, like becoming a modern day Renaissance Man, it is essential that we are willing to try.  Keeping new years resolutions requires a willingness to try and make many changes in your life and a willingness to be wrong.  Being wrong isn’t a bad thing, it just helps bring you that much closer to being right.

Tomorrow, we will be talking about making new habits.

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