How to Keep New Years Resolutions – Make Big Changes

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New Years resolutions are all about change.  Two nights ago millions of people all across the world decided to make changes in their lives.  But there is a secret when it comes to keeping New Years resolutions that often goes overlooked: GOING BIG!

Now, New Years resolutions come in all shapes and sizes… so when I say, “GOING BIG”, I’m not talking about the size of your resolution.  What is a big change for some may seem small to others.  It’s all subjective!

Some resolutions involve quitting something like smoking.  Others involve getting healthier.  Some people want to be more charitable in the new year, and still some (like me) create blogs with the hopes of being able to just keep up this year!  But “GOING BIG” is about being will to change major things in all areas of your life in order to accomplish your goals.  We are talking about life change!

Becoming a Renaissance Man is about life change.  It is about getting rid of bad habits, starting new ones, and always striving to be the best possible… not just in the new year, but daily!  A life of going big!

Examples of GOING BIG:

If you want to quit smoking… don’t smoke. Ever.  Even with friends.  Yes, even with those friends. (GO BIG!)

If you want to exercise… make time to exercise.  Even if you have to cut something else out of your schedule.  Even if you have to wake up early! (GO BIG)

If you (me) want to keep up with two blogs… make time to write.  Daily.  No Excuses, or else I will fail.  Even if I have to stay up way too late. (GO BIG)


It sounds a little simplistic, but the reality is we too often compartmentalize our lives and that makes it easy to fail.  If weekday Justin (me) is trying to lose weight, weekend Justin needs to have the same goal or I will never lose weight.  In the same way whatever goals you have for the new year, make sure you have that goal when in all areas of you life.  If you want to quite smoking, but still smoke a couple times a week, you’ll never accomplish your goal!


There is a great book by the author Simon Sinek called Start With Why.  It gets at the base of what we are talking about here today.  It is not just “what is your goal”, but “why do you want to achieve your goal?”  Once we know why we want to do something, it is easier to let it affect all areas of our lives.  Check out his TEDtalk below:


If we build our goals on why, we are up for making BIG changes to accomplish our goals.

  • Why do you want to quit smoking?
  • Why do you want to lose weight?
  • Why do you want to [insert your resolution here]?

Let that why permeate your goal.  Let it permeate all areas of your life and schedule.  Be willing to make BIG CHANGES and you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goal!

What’s your goal?  Share below!


Tomorrow, we will be talking about how Small Changes lead to keeping New Years resolutions.

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