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A Post About Hands-On Education

As I’ve been preparing to do a year long internship, I’ve been thinking a lot about the effectiveness of hands-on learning.  I am currently traveling Europe with my sister.  Every city that has a walking tour available, we take it!  There is truly no better way to learn about the … Continue Reading →

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Europe Trip Day 0 : Packing and Stuff

Blogging has been and will continue to be sparse because of my trip to Europe, but here is the video from the first day!  Be sure to subscribe and like the videos for all updates on our europe trip!


WikiHouse, 3-D Printing, and the Next Industrial Revolution

Over the past several years, there have been great strides made in open source content creation and sharing.  Computer operating systems such as Linux have allowed people to improve, recreate, and innovate in the computer realm.  Linux has been around for over twenty years allowing amateurs and professionals alike to share knowledge … Continue Reading →


An Explanation of Espresso Coffee Drinks

Coffee is pretty universal in most parts of the world and it is something that I love and I am even drinking right now.  Below is a graphic created by Lokesh Dhakar explaining the various types of common espresso drinks.  Try them out next time you are at your local … Continue Reading →


Renaissance Men – Mr. Rodgers

  – Fred McFeely Rodgers (aka. Mr. Rodgers) Vitals: Born: March 20, 1928 Died: February 27, 2003 Known For:  A legend in the television history whose legacy lives on. Mr. Rodgers was a very hard working and inspirational human being.  Before he became a television personality, he went to seminary and … Continue Reading →

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A Funny Example Of Why To Use An Oxford Comma

- Surfing Reddit yesterday I came across the following info graphic (below).  It does a great job of communicating what can happen when you omit the oxford comma from a sentence. To read our previous post on Oxford Commas, click here. -

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A Cool Story on a “Sci-Friday” (or how YouTube helped me pass my Biology Test)

  – I graduate in May and some how I have gone this entire time thinking that my IB High School Biology class was able to count for the science credits I need to graduate.  Well it turns out that it doesn’t.  I didn’t score high enough in High School, … Continue Reading →

August Landmesser is not a nazi

A Little Bit of Inspiration – August Landmesser

I greatly underestimated how much I didn’t want to do work over spring break.  I thought I’d be writing posts left and right, but instead I have been in OKC and avoiding working like the plague!  So I will finish my soccer series next week, but today I want to … Continue Reading →

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A Renaissance Man Likes Sports: How I Got Into Soccer

  – I’ve declared it soccer week on my other blog and I thought I’d share the same love for the game here.  The content is slightly different and geared to the specific blog. – Sports are fantastic.  Some of my fondest memories of my childhood involve watching sports with my … Continue Reading →


Renaissance Men – Michelangelo

Michelangelo VITALS: Born:  March 6, 1475 Died:  February 18, 1564 Known For:   The Creation of Adam and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, as well as the sculpture of David. Along with Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo is one of the most iconic Renaissance Men.  Perhaps the three most recognizable works of art in … Continue Reading →